Monday, April 21, 2014

A mother's love

The weather has been gorgeous this Easter break and I was very lucky to do a mother and daughter shoot, just in time for mother's day coming up.

My little sister and her daughter are so much alike myself and my daughter, and we can relate in a lot of things. Seeing my little niece grow up has been an amazing journey, that I'm now reliving through my own daughter. Our relationships, mothers and daughters, remind me of a quote from the Louis CK show, which goes something like this:

"Because of these children, our love travels through time. We love other people more, because of how much we love them. They give value to our lives that didn't exist before."

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Be patient with me


I listen, I see New words, new things. Absorbing sponge End result of your time. The ancient, once prayed: “Be patient with me” And so, I ask today It is nurture I need. Being sawn, many seeds In both, heart and intellect These memories and knowledge Will flourish one day. Right now, random stories Meaningless to some But I’m slowly building My body of work.

© Maria Mastrogiuseppe - 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And then you were five

There were long winter days,
Waiting for you
The body coped ok
We couldn’t wait to see you

And then, there you were
Your tiny presence, amazed
Being weighed and checked
Every hour, needing care

Our house evolved
First nappies, then toys
Fluffy animals, dolls
Every room, was yours

Before our eyes you grow up
A schoolgirl in true form
Readers, pencils
and homework all-round

It’s challenging and exciting
To see you like this
Learning, experiencing
Life at five years of age.

© Maria Mastrogiuseppe - 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nine months in the making - part 5

It's been a weather roller coaster in our part of the world. Days of 40 degrees celsius plus, then strong wind causing wide-spread damage, then back to 40 degrees plus heatwave, then rain!

Luckily our little ones have handled it really well. Stefania is no exception. She is now home and is enjoying lots of cuddles from her proud parents, sisters and extended family.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Nine months in the making - part 4

A month goes by really quickly. Little Haya is transitioning from a newborn, to an infant; growing and becoming more aware of her environment.
She looks at her parents and cradles herself in them, nowhere else is safer :).

Baby photography
Baby photography

Friday, January 31, 2014

The learning curve

It's been a busy and magical week; the start of our first school year!
There's lots to do, for our child as well as us (mostly paperwork!).
We are glad we took the week off to be on 'standby'; doing our best to make sure the transition goes smoothly; but the emotions are overwhelming and there's been a couple of hard mornings.

I can appreciate how she feels: small, overloaded with information and noise, and sometimes lost. But she takes deep breaths and holds on; that makes us proud as we know she will embrace the learning. The experience of failing and learning never stops, overcoming your fears takes practice and we see the rewards all around.

Recently I've been calling her 'baby girl' more often, perhaps the nostalgia of not having a little baby around the house anymore. The feelings every parent goes through I'm sure. But it is amazing to watch and experience this little person gain her independence and the knowledge she needs to survive. I too am learning from her everyday.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nine months in the making - Part 3

Welcome Haya!

Shahy and Haythem are now the proud parents of baby Haya.
She is a beautiful and strong little girl.
Below are some of the photographs I've captured so far.
Their story also inspired me to write a small poem, which is embedded below.

Baby photography - copyright Maria Mastrogiuseppe

© Maria Mastrogiuseppe - 2014