Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nine months in the making - Part 1

During their workshop From Bumps to Babies, Sue Bryce and Kelly Brown proposed the idea of photographing a pregnant woman, and then documenting their family story and the growth of their baby, by photographing their newborn for one year. The work can then be used to produce beautiful art eg: a photo book of the baby's first year of life.

I decided to take on this challenge and started searching for pregnant women willing to participate!
My search has led me to two soon-to-be mums whom I will photograph as part of this project :). I met them both and discussed the project and I'm looking forward to producing some memorable images for them.

Talking to them about their journey through pregnancy, brings back the memories and feelings I had when I was pregnant. For me, it was like getting on a roller coaster, physically and emotionally. My baby girl is almost ready to start school now, and I can't believe how fast time has flown by! There were trying times when she was little that I thought would never end, and now I have nothing but beautiful memories and miss her being little. My husband and I are glad we decided to take this ride :).

Below are the first images of my project.

Shahy and Haythem

Pregnancy shoot

Shahy and her husband have moved to Australia from Egypt.
I was lucky to have found them and that they accepted to be part of this journey.

I hope we can become good friends also :)

Pregnancy shoot

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