Friday, January 31, 2014

The learning curve

It's been a busy and magical week; the start of our first school year!
There's lots to do, for our child as well as us (mostly paperwork!).
We are glad we took the week off to be on 'standby'; doing our best to make sure the transition goes smoothly; but the emotions are overwhelming and there's been a couple of hard mornings.

I can appreciate how she feels: small, overloaded with information and noise, and sometimes lost. But she takes deep breaths and holds on; that makes us proud as we know she will embrace the learning. The experience of failing and learning never stops, overcoming your fears takes practice and we see the rewards all around.

Recently I've been calling her 'baby girl' more often, perhaps the nostalgia of not having a little baby around the house anymore. The feelings every parent goes through I'm sure. But it is amazing to watch and experience this little person gain her independence and the knowledge she needs to survive. I too am learning from her everyday.

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