Friday, April 17, 2015

Documenting home rituals

This week we were able to take some time off and I took advantage of this to execute an idea that has been tickling my brain for the last year or so.
In my attempt to capture as many memories as I can for our family, I've been wanting to document some family rituals or traditions, such as those that happen in the kitchen.

In our new home we have an 'open plan' space, and the kitchen is at the heart of this space. This is also true for past generations, and in our families, our mothers have been at the centre of these spaces.
So this week I documented the ritual of making gnocchi!. I filmed and photographed the making of this wonderful dish.

Our daughter (who gave me this idea) joined in and it was great to see her connecting with her grandmother and doing what she could around the kitchen. The end-result was a beautiful slideshow piece with photos and video, oh, and beautiful home-made gnocchi :).
Here are some of the images of the event.

Photography by Dream a little portrait

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