Friday, June 19, 2015

Dream a little portrait

My first business card!
I wanted it simple; as in my view it is just a method for people to contact me. It has my Facebook page URL ( on the back with my phone number and email address. Currently, Facebook is my online gallery.

I've been very busy doing family portraits and a bit of commercial/ graphic design work.
It is amazing how life turns out. Back in high school I wanted to be a graphic designer. To get into the course I needed a portfolio, but I didn't have one, so I chose my second preference which was Information Management (Information Technology as a study path was in its infancy back then).
They offered photography at my school, but I was scared. I wasn't confident speaking English and I thought it would be an extra study burden I didn't need. My goal was to pass, and excel if I could and go to University. And so I did.
I set out, almost 3 years ago now, to master the craft of photography, and it is getting done. I am going out there, fear and all, and making good stuff.

+Sue Bryce is now presenting 'Portrait Startup' and I continue to learn so much. It is helping me find the value of what I do; what I create for families, businesses, people.

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