Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to you

On this day, today, the man I love was born.
As a child, I dreamt of him, in the wrong place,
Saw him in the wrong people.
But I searched, and without expecting,
as these things often happen,
Found him.

Today I am grateful for having him in my life,
For being the father of my child.
For walking alongside me,
Sharing, crying, laughing.

He knows all this,
I remind him how much he’s loved.
But I had planned to write this post,
Wishing him a very Happy Birthday!


  1. When you meet your soulmate, everything else in your life makes sense. When I met mine, I felt like the sphinx rising from the ashes - reborn, recast, and my life was filled with a love and human emotion that some people describe as a kind of "holy spirit". I love you now, forever, in this world and the next. Eternally bound to you.

  2. Wow!!! congratulations both. Your life, your love, your child, beautiful family! I'm so happy to have been part of your life.

  3. Thank you! My 2 best friends in my life :)