Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My first Sue Bryce inspired photoshoot

I set up the room as follows: using the backlight coming from the glass double doors, the wall on the left of the image and the cube/ couch for a staggered pose.
I softened the light with a sheer curtain, using pegs to hold it together as we are yet to furnish this room.
The ladder in the background came in handy, and I think I will need to carry one if I ever go on-site :P

I was quite nervous when we first started, my mind seemed to shut down my creative side, even though I had already planned the session. It is the feeling you have when you are going to a job interview!
But once the girls arrived and we got started, it became easier and I was able to create quite nice images, that my clients and I were very happy with.
I was also happy with the fact that I was able to create these photographs in just this space!

I shot with my only camera body which is Canon 550D, and Canon 50mm 1.8. I don't have any big reflectors, so I bounced the light off the ceiling using a Metz 44 AF-1.

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