Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My progress so far

I've been going through my Photo library from the past 2 years to check on my photography development. I can definitely see progress in all areas: composition, technical, story telling and post processing.
Baby - rule of thirds 21/10/2012
Baby - rule of thirds 10/01/2013
Baby - rule of thirds 26/05/2013
My family have been very cooperative through my learning process and have made the time to do these photo shoots. It's great, as you get to document different stages in their lives and these photographs make great gifts! :)
It's a good idea to go back through your work and sometimes re-work your images, as with time you're able to see where things need to improve and you have a digital journal of your progress.

I will hopefully be doing more baby shoots in the near future and have been watching the latest Sue Bryce/ Kelly Brown CreativeLive workshop 'Bumps to Babies', which will help me a lot through these shoots.

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