Thursday, November 21, 2013

Joy to the world

It's been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of work around the house, Maya's school transition program, colds and work (IT-related and photography)!
We have survived the beginning of the Christmas season and can't wait for what's left of it.

I was reading a Tamara Lackey post on joy: This resonated inside me, because I had already drafted the title of this post, with the intention of also writing about 'joy'. Last weekend I photographed my first wedding! It was indeed a joyous occasion for many, including myself, because it felt like the beginning of something special: evolution and growth.

However, I’ve discovered that, sometimes, the prelude to special moments like these can be many times the opposite, and can paralyse us with fear; blocking us from getting to what’s on the other side: joy and well-being.

In preparation for the wedding,  I visited the garden where the ceremony was to take place; to get an idea of the location and the position of the sun, etc. It was a beautiful sunny day and there was hardly anyone around. As I got out of the car and took my first picture using my point and shoot camera, I heard someone call out to me. It was a woman sitting to the left of the garden, saying something about me taking pictures. I told her I couldn’t hear her, so she walked up to me angrily telling me not to take pictures of her. She was way out my frame, so I just said ok. It felt quite threatening, as she walked off swearing under her breath. I wasn’t sure whether to keep going or leave. I decided to stay because I was determined to do what I was there to do. I made my way around the garden, without making her feel like she was in the frame, and was able to get the pictures I needed. I drove off a bit shaken by the experience.

Two weeks later, family and friends came together in the same place, to witness the marriage of two special people; an emotional and happy occasion of which I was lucky to be part of.


  1. I’ve read your story with sympathy. It’s quite an awkward situation when someone is unhappy seeing you taking photos. I faced that a couple of times. Anyway, this story had a happy ending eventually. I am happy for your first wedding experience. Keep going, Maria!

  2. Thanks Yulia, it was all worth it in the end :)

  3. Love love Love the photos!!! We.couldn't be happier, thank you so much!!!! :) xxz