Monday, November 25, 2013

Nine months in the making - Part 2

Maria Jose and Carlos

The miracle of life; it is fragile yet vibrant and robust.
Stefania decided to come early, at 7 months. I had planned to do a 'christmas theme' pregnancy shoot with the family, as part of my 'Nine months in the making' project but it was not to be :). Planning is only good if you prepare for the unplanned!

The lighting inside the hospital challenged my ISO, but I think the grain adds a nice texture to the photograph and the story. The name 'Stefania' originates from the old Greek, meaning 'crowned' or 'winning'; a beautiful and fitting name indeed :). She is growing strong everyday, and hopefully will be home with her family soon. Congratulations and thanks to the proud parents!

Newborn photography

Newborn photography


  1. Ah! I see! Stefania was a special person that you mentioned on Instagram, right?
    Captured moments followed by your story are really good. I like to read them. Thank you, Maria!

    1. Thank you Yulia. Yes, that is correct :). I'm glad you enjoy these little pieces :D.