Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This morning El Salvador defeated Australia 2 -1 in the U20 Worldcup group match.
It is an unbelievable and historic result for my beloved country, as classifying for such events is rare, so actually winning a match is an amazing result.

They lost their first game against Turkey, who are the hosts of the event, and watching the highlights from their first match brought back memories of the country I left many years ago. As a country, we have lost many times, in sport and many other aspects; as a third world country we are accustomed to losing and are always the underdog. But not this time.

On many fields we forget we are equal, and we let fear get in the way.
The failures of the past, I think, have led to this victory. El Salvador is a proud Football country, so this result should not surprise anyone. They - We, need to focus on more positive energy and more positive results.

Adelante custatlecos!

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